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I have asked a withdrawal and 3 weeks after the request, the withdrawal was still pending. So I contacted WINCAKE's support, and they replied : "Due to the current delays we are experiencing with cashouts, I'm afraid we cannot confirm a timeframe as we could not guarantee a timeframe and we do not wish to mislead you." WINCAKE support also added that this cash out process can take months ("faster than 3 months though"). As you may only request up to $10K, you also need to know that if you want to withdraw more than $10K, you will need to wait the 1st $10K withdrawal to be processed before you are allowed to ask a 2nd withdrawal to be processed. THIS MEANS THAT YOUR WITHDRAWAL MAY TAKE SEVERAL MONTHS TO BE PROCESSED FOR EACH SLICE OF $10K. Example : fo a $40K cash out, youmay need to wait months for the 1st $10K cash out to be processed, and then months again for the second $10K cash out to be processed, etc... 4 times in a row !!! Here is there explanation : "our processors can only send so many withdrawals at any given time. The volume of withdrawal requests can only be sent at the rate of our processor and not as fast as we would all like. When there are more withdrawals than our processor can send, it causes a backlog which causes delays." So far, I have no idea when I will get my funds back. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY NOT ACCEPTABLE IN TERMS OF RESPECT OF THE CLIENT. Moreover, one must know that there are 2 separate fields of poker players, one for recreational players and one for good players : "Our software is now designed to stop the most advanced players playing with the more inexperienced and recreational players at cash ring games. Certain tables will not be available for recreational players that advanced players see and likewise, advanced players won't see some tables that less advanced players see."

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