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Poker training videos : learn poker and get better

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PokerStove & Stox Combo Tutorial

How to get help from poker softwares? This is a tutorial to two very powerful and useful pieces of software

4 le:30/05/2018,17h50
par Jenna13

Free Poker training Video Playing LAG At $25 No Limit On PokerStars

This 30 minute video reviews a session James "splitsuit" Sweeney played at 25NL, playing a very laggy style

3 le:20/06/2018,12h27
par gerry

Free Poker Tutorial : Learn how to use Flopzilla

This video runs through the basics of using Flopzilla, one of the most important pieces of poker training software.

3 le:31/05/2018,08h23
par Jenna13

Poker training video : Train your brain ! Mental management

45minutes of poker psychology ranging from diets to mental management. Great video from Fuzzypup for those interested in improving their poker brain!

2 le:31/05/2018,08h25
par Jenna13

Poker Video : Mental & Physical Preparation for Poker Part 2/2

This is part 2 of Fuzzypup's series "Connecting Body And Mind." Continue improving your poker psychology skillset now!

2 le:31/05/2018,08h28
par Jenna13

Poker Video : Mental & Physical Preparation for Poker Part 1/2

This is the first part of Fuzzypup's new series "Connecting Body And Mind." Fuzzypup talks about poker psychology...everything from diet to tilt control is covered.

2 le:31/05/2018,08h31
par Jenna13

Free Poker training Video Playing $50 No Limit RUSH On Full Tilt Poker

James "splitsuit" Sweeney talks about handling the speed of RUSH and does some light 3betting, aggressive postflop play.

3 le:31/05/2018,08h33
par Jenna13

Free Poker training Video Playing $50 NLHE Cash game On PokerStars

James "splitsuit" Sweeney running 18/18 at 50NL full ring. James played very aggressive and talked about things like stealing, bet sizing, and table composition

2 le:31/05/2018,08h35
par Jenna13

Free Super LAG style poker Video cash game $25NL On Full Tilt Poker

James "splitsuit" Sweeney decided to make a free poker video playing 50% vpip.

1 le:10/04/2013,15h51
par Gamble321.com

Free Online Poker Strategy Video 100NL cash game On Full Tilt Poker

James "splitsuit" Sweeney plays ABC style at a 100NL full ring table on Full Tilt Poker.

1 le:10/04/2013,15h45
par Gamble321.com

Free online poker training video : 100NL Full Ring cash game

Quick video recorded by James "splitsuit" Sweeney, 1 tabling 100NL on RPM. A lot of good stuff : bet sizing, isolating, timing tells, and playing in passive games.

1 le:10/04/2013,14h43
par Gamble321.com

Free Poker Video : Learn how to make money playing poker

This video has been recorded by our partner James "splitsuit.com" Sweeney. It is 35minutes, and covers planning, compartmentalization, and the creation of default lines.

1 le:10/04/2013,14h13
par Gamble321.com

Poker training video : Cashgame / NLHE / Heads Up / Mid-stakes 400€ in ENGLISH.

Free training video in English : 3 vids serie of a NL400€ Heads Up match played on IPoker network. Coach : www.Poker-Coach.net

3 le:11/04/2013,12h13
par Gamble321.com