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HIT and RUNNERS list at Cake Network



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the : 08/09/2012

Here is a list of Cake Network players you should not play because they hit n run, which means that they quit the game as soon as they took you some money, so that you can't take your money back.
Those people are not "playing" poker, they run a stealing business, trying to steal some money in few hands and disappearing as soon as they got a few hundreds $.
I will complete the list as often as possible :

BrootherCrow (HU player ; insta-sit-out after winning 1 buyin and disappear, while staying at the other tables).
Crazy Bently (HU player ; plays 12 hands and leaves)
SoVolare (HU player ; plays 3 hands !!! and leaves with 150$)
CumTogether (HU player ; plays a few hands and leaves with 15$ !!!)